About Sialkot Export

With the emergence of information technology throughout the world it is required to build a web portal that can address and solve particular issues in real time manner. The development team of Sialkot Export domain took the initiative and developed a web portal that is meant to cover issues of Sialkot city of Pakistan which is the backbone of Pakistani economy. The secret lying behind this distinction of Sialkot is the increasing demand of Sialkot Export quality products like leather goods, sports goods, gloves, badges, surgical goods etc. The Sialkot Export development team not only limit itself to Sialkot News, Updates, History, Sialkot Maps, Sialkot Pictures, Sialkot Education, Development projects and other necessary information of Sialkot but also give consideration to create fusion of all the top Sialkot Export product manufacturers, Sialkot traders and business entities belonging to Sialkot Export chamber of commerce and present their information in dynamic manner.

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It is also an honor for the Sialkot Export development & marketing team that they are Sialkot residents and has contributed to their city through this portal that presents all the entities and information belonging to Sialkot in a most desired manner.