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Sialkot Airport (Skt International) is considered as first green field airport of Pakistan and comprises all facilities compliant with international standards. Enough area of Sialkot Airport (Skt International) is reserved to accommodate spaces for aviation offices, airline, cargo and ground handling services, automobile parking and restaurants. Approximately 3 billion Pakistani Rupees cost for the development of Sialkot Airport (Skt International). It was the end of November 2007 when both domestic and international flights were entailing Sialkot Airport Flights Schedule.

Though based on a private project Sialkot International Airport has got its own distinction. Now the transportation of export goods (produced by Sialkot Exporters, Traders and other business community of Sialkot) has paced up via efficient cargo services and related Sialkot Airport Flights. An increase in both Sialkot Airport Arrivals and Sialkot Airport Departures gives the proof of to and fro business activities. Other benefit is of employment for natives in the form of Sialkot Airport Jobs.

A bit Perspective

Before the development of Sialkot International Airport, Sambrial dry port was the only source for Sialkot business community to serve their logistic needs. The existence of Sialkot international Airport was very much needed to facilitate & boost trade activities at broad spectrum. With this aim the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry professed to Pakistani Government to consider Sialkot International Airport development as preference. Their struggle gained success (during early February of 2001) when the (then) President of Pakistan General Pervez Musharraf approved plan for Sialkot International Airport development on Build, Own and Operate (BOO) purposes. Via Civil Aviation Authority the Pakistan Ministry of Defense and Sialkot Chamber of Commerce signed Memorandum of Understanding for the construction of Sialkot International Airport.

Sialkot Airport development progress occurred in an investment friendly and cooperative scenario. The success story continued as entities from private sector were invited to participate in the development project of Sialkot Airport in Pakistan. During December 2003 the Chief Minister of Punjab Province inaugurated the ground breaking ceremony of Sialkot Airport, Pakistan. It was not a ceremony but a landmark accomplished by Sialkot Exporters, Traders and other business entities in a true sense.


Sialkot Airport is on just ten minutes drive from Sambrial Dry Port. It doesn't take more than 25 minutes to reach there from Sialkot main city. Furthermore it requires almost forty minutes drive to reach Sialkot Airport, Pakistan from Gujranwala which is a remote industrial city of Pakistan.

Pictures of Sialkot Airport, Maps

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Sialkot Airport Flights Schedule

Now a total of seventeen+ flights are occurring through Sialkot Airport (Skt International). Nine+ comprises domestic while remaining eight+ Sialkot Airport Flights are international. There are flights reserved for Sialkot to Muscat, Sialkot to Kuwait, Sialkot to Dubai, Sialkot to Jeddah and Sialkot to Sharjah. New inclusion among Sialkot Airport Flights is of Sialkot to Doha and Sialkot to London

Sialkot Airport Flights Schedule also lists Sialkot to Abu Dhabi Flight per week. Qatar, Eitihad and British Airways are also adding more to Sialkot Airport Flights in the form of Cargo services. Another airline (other than PIA Flights in Sialkot) who is offering international Sialkot Airport Flights is Shaheen Airlines.

PIA Flights to Sialkot, Pakistan for national cities includes Sialkot to Karachi and Sialkot to Islamabad (London). Check out below detailed and up to date Sialkot Airport Flights Schedule which lists all e.g. Sialkot Airport Arrivals, Sialkot Airport Departures, PiIA Flights in Sialkot to bound for international and domestic flights, Sialkot Airport New Flights etc.

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