Sialkot Education | Schools & Colleges

Sialkot is also noted for possessing famous schools and colleges which portray the fact that Sialkot education system is based on strong foundations. One of these is convent of Jesus and Marry School which was the first catholic mission school in Punjab established in 1856. Other schools in Sialkot who are contributing to the benefit of Sialkot education are City School, Beacon House and American School.

The oldest educational institute of Pakistan is the Government Murray College of Sialkot. It is established in 1889 by mission belonging to Church of Scotland. Allama Iqbal and Faiz Ahmad Faiz educated from Government Murray College of Sialkot. Another noteworthy and second oldest college of Sialkot is Jinnah Islamia College. Other colleges in Sialkot that are adding mores to the Sialkot education system are Government Allama Iqbal College, Government College for Women and Government Christian Girls College.

On quantitative terms the Sialkot education system is based on more than two hundred high schools, numerous inter colleges, a single law college, a single medical college, two cadet colleges, six commerce colleges, thirteen degree colleges and a university along with campuses of other ones. These figures indicate that Sialkot education has bright prospects. To know more about upcoming developments in education fields please visit Engineering University.

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