Get all the information about Brilliant Surgical Instruments, Sialkot, Pakistan dealing in Surgical Instruments,Dental Instruments, can be contacted at +92-300-7133313 for orders/queries.

Company Name Brilliant Surgical Instruments
Business Type Exporter
Products & Services Surgical Instruments, Dental Instruments
Contact Person Mian Jawad
Phone Number +92-300-7133313, +92-52-4009765
Fax +92-52-4591157
Official Website
Address Sialkot Pakistan

Description Brilliant Surgical specializes in manufacturing the highest quality surgical & dental instruments to our customers by employing superior technicians and utilizing advanced production and equipment. Philosophy “The best choice for safe treatment and success” is how surgeons around the world describe our instruments. The management concept of Brilliant Surgical is to create products that will not only be a good value to our customers, but will earn their trust while they receive excellent customer service. History “Quality products at reasonable prices” The founder of Brilliant Surgical has worked in the surgical instrument manufacturing industry for the last 20 years. He has a strong desire to produce a better quality product at a price all can appreciate. He believes that he can provide safer and more convenient surgical instruments to surgeons by making sure that Brilliant Surgical is equipped with the best systematic production line, combined with innovative technology and experienced employees on staff. With that determination, he has set out to experience every aspect of the processes necessary for quality instruments, from research and development to the production line. After 20 years, the dream of an innovative man becomes a reality under the name of Brilliant Surgical Instruments.
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