Sialkot Map

Sialkot Export recommends you to check out various Sialkot City Maps arranged for you. This include Sialkot Map that will allow you to know about the geographical location of the major industrial city of Pakistan know for producing export quality products all over the world. Furthermore we have collection of maps for Sialkot Lahore Motorway, Engineering University and Sialkot Airport.

Sialkot district is spread over an area of 3,016 KM2. It consists of four tehsils (administrative units), which are listed below...

1. Sialkot
2. Daska
3. Pasrur
4. Sambrial 

Some important facts about the Sialkot city are listed below

Dimensions 32°30′19″N 74°32′03″E
Province Punjab
Altitude 256 meters AMSL
Area 3,016 km²
Population 3,000,000 in 2006
Density 903 persons/km²

You can check the Map of Sialkot to get geographic information of the city in detail.
Sialkot Map

Check Sialkot Lahore Motorway Map an instance of Sialkot Development Projects aimed to create efficient road communication between two industrial cities of Pakistan e.g. Sialkot and Lahore from compendium of Sialkot City Maps organized for you.

View Sialkot Airport Map to know about a mega Sialkot Development Project directed to enable aerial links and facilitate transportation of export products to global market in fast and efficient manner from collection of Sialkot City Maps presented here.

Know about the planning of Sialkot Engineering University Map which is also a link to Sialkot Development Projects initiated by Government of Pakistan by viewing UET Sialkot Plan Map which included among those presented in Sialkot City Maps.

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