Sialkot Pakistan

The importance of Sialkot city of Pakistan lies within fact that it is known worldwide for producing fine genre export quality products. These include fabrics, garments, clothes & apparel, surgical goods involving cutting instruments, forceps, and scissors keeping Sialkot city of Pakistan in lime light. Sports goods like soccer balls, footballs, cricket bats, hockey sticks are demanded from manufacturers from Sialkot city of Pakistan due to their presentable attributes. Other stuff like leather products which involve outer wears like jackets, tuxedos, bags, musical instruments and also accessories like cutlery & flatware also constitutes exports generated from Sialkot Pakistan. Thus one cannot deny the industrial importance at international level of Sialkot.

We already mentioned that Sialkot has positive and significant impact in leveraging Pakistani economy by introducing export quality products so this fact gives Sialkot another international importance. This has also been witnessed during USA, Fifa world cup 1994 when soccer balls exported from Sialkot Pakistan were selected as the official soccer ball for the whole event.

Sialkot city of Punjab, Pakistan is also considered as birth place of famous eastern poet Allama Iqbal, who paved way for creation of Pakistan by inviting Mohammad Ali Jinnah to subcontinent who worked for proving Muslims of Indo-Pakistan as a strong identity. This gives Sialkot a historical importance.

The city resides towards northeast of Punjab. Sialkot is bordered by India from north to east positioning itself adjacent to Jammu and Kashmir. Also there is a Sialkot Dry Port in Sambrial which is vital for logistic supports. This gives Sialkot city of Pakistan a geographic importance also this area has witnessed major tank battles between Indo-Pak forces during past wars. So Sialkot is a vantage point for both India and Pakistan.

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