Sialkot District of Punjab

At the edge of great mountains of Kashmir there resides a Sialkot city of Punjab, Pakistan. Punjab being the province of Pakistan encompasses Sialkot city on its north eastern part. Thus Lahore is northwest to it and Jammu is very close to it on north. Punjabis, Kashmiris and Pashtuns comprise the major population of Sialkot city and are serving for export products manufacturers and other industrial units like textile products, sports and leather goods, surgical and musical instruments exports of Sialkot District. In order to make more boost two vital developments like Sialkot International Airport, Limited (SIAL) and the Sialkot Dry Port adds more to the importance of Sialkot district. Each of the administrative unit or tehsil of Sialkot district has got its own industrial importance.

Tehsil Daska

For instance the production of high quality rice, potatoes, wheat, and sugar cane is proclaimed in Daska, a tehsil of Sialkot district having population up to 200,000 also known for agriculture products, sports goods at the same time.

Tehsil Sambrial

Sambrial another tehsil of Sialkot district is regarded for housing Sialkot Dry Port which is good source to make some significant in leveraging Pakistani Economy by mobilizing Sialkot export quality products.

Tehsil Pasroors

The famous tomb of a Jain Baba, Baba Dharma Dass who is the ancestor of most Jains is situated in Pasroor tehsil of Sialkot district giving historical importance to Sialkot city.

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